Friday, 27 November 2009

Charity at Home, and Homecoming Abroad

Over the past month, life in the band has focussed mainly on gigs we've played for charity. We were asked by the lovely and selfless people who run Oxjam (which raises money for Oxfam... clever that) to contribute to an afternoon-long gigathon across a handful of Edinburgh venues. Of course we obliged, and we were stationed at City Cafe; while across the road, down the street, and round the corner in other bars and clubs, other Burgh bands also made their music. I hear it raised a good sackful of bounty too.

And a couple of weeks later, the first instance being dubbed a great success, we repeated it all, this time at the Bowery, which is a great venue. Sadly its days are numbered, and I think by the time 2010 rolls around it will have changed its character completely, no longer a happy little hideaway for Edinburgh's musical mainstays. But for now, there we were, lit by second-hand lamps, playing our songs out to a great crowd while the marvellous acoustics gave the whole thing an extra dreamy feel.

Post Gig- this was at the Electric Circus, where we played with the Stormy Seas..

Mikey and Alex

Rob, surprise surprise, with a gadget


Aside from gigs, we've got some great new stickers and t shirts ordered, and also (drum roll) that item which gives a band a little jolt of pride - our own special stencils, so that all our equipment now bears the COME ON GANG! name for all to see. Here is Rob modelling the stencil work in action:

The big news I've saved til last.

We're off to Washington DC in a week's time, to celebrate the Scottish Homecoming. It's pretty exciting stuff.. just a four day trip, playing in the Ronald Reagan Building on December 2nd. We couldn't be more pleased to have been asked, and we've bought extra woolly socks cos I hear that December in Washington can be pretty tough on the toes. Of course we'll keep you updated on what goes on there, but til then wish us luck!

Sarah x