Friday, 13 March 2009

A couple of days to go...

Today, technically, is Saturday (but it only has been for 2 1/2 hours) and we leave for Austin on Tuesday. At this point I am barely able to contain my excitement. The air is starting to warm up here in Edinburgh, Spring is definitely in the air. But I looked on BBC weather today and learnt that the temperature in Texas next week is set to be in the early to mid twenties celcius. At night it gets as 'cold' as our days here are warm. Ohh yeah! I have got some sunglasses, and some miniature shampoo bottles. Small mercies eh!

Mikey has warned us that we shouldn't take too much stuff. Erm, I think I am going to have to bypass this request. I am going to take loads of clothes and there's no getting around it. Sorry Mikey.

We played our Trade Union gig on Monday night. It was also the leaving do for an employee of Cab Vol so the shots were free and plentiful. This was not really the good thing it would have been at any other time. In short, I have never played a gig having two shots of whiskey inside me, and it put me just past the level of alchol ingestion that i am comfortable with. I don't usually drink before a gig and this reminded me why!
It was a good gig though, lots of fun and dancing. Wolfjazz, one half of the fab duo who run Trade Union, has concocted a rather marvellous remix of Spinning Room, which you can find on that link above. Enjoy!

ooh, Mikey has a postscript. More useful bits to tell you:

Our song Both End Burning has been used in the T In The Park 2009 web advert thing...check out a version of it here:

Also, and a bit cheeky this one as its not entirely Come On Gang! business...sod it. Our good friend, favourite Greek and all round swell musician type Rob Howell has put a new song on his myspace with me (Mikey) lending a wee bit of guitar to it...check it out here (the particular song is 'Three Steps' and its an epic drum & bass classic):

Seriously, check out his stuff, he's ace.

A few photies

The view on the way down South
We have emerged from the American Embassy, it's 9am and none of us have slept. Hurrah!Whitechapel in the early evening

Back in the Burgh we lark about on the Royal Mile after our Sneaky Pete gig

Monday, 9 March 2009

Well the band went to London and a treat it surely was. Our trip to the American Embassy threw up queue company in the shape of Primal Scream, Graham Coxon, Jeffrey Archer and a few actresses who kept their heads buried in magazines; aside from this, i'd hazard a guess that around 55% of the queue was SxSW bound: you could tell this from the tightness of the jeans and largeness of the hair. It was all over much quicker than we thought, and once we were given leave to go, we collected our stuff from a nearby church (you're not allowed to take basically anything into the embassy, and the lovely old church built in 1793 was the only place that would look after our bags. I say look after - we left them behind a fire extinguisher and hoped for the best) and headed off into the London sunlight.
Trev and Mikey had to hotfoot it back up to Edinburgh for work. Luckily for me, I'm an art student, footloose and fancy free for the day and so I went off in search of adventure.
What I found was Primark, and it took rather too much of my overdraft. I knew this would happen. I have been spending too much money on clothes but I don't really know how to stop at the moment. Nothing short of backruptcy will give me the willpower to pass by a sequinned top. Ah well.
I stayed with Polly and Lottie, thanks for that dudes. Lottie is a graphic designer, find her work at . We went out to Ghetto and danced a bit. London nightlife can't really be explained properly until you're actually there: the incredible thought that people put into their appearance, which is great to see and very inspirational; the lingering sense of the massiveness of the city and a vague awareness of the grime and the need to keep an eye on your bag.. it's not always nice but it's absolutely never boring.
I woke up the next morning a little bit late, but considering that this was my first night's sleep in 3 days, I think that's fair enough. However, I got on a train headed for Glasgow at 1pm - for reasons not entirely well thought-out - meaning I arrived in Edinburgh at 7pm and late for the soundcheck for that night's gig with Everything Everything. . This band are brilliant. I could only watch in awe as they harmonised, laptopped and rocked out with a great sense of cameraderie. Superb!
I took some photos of these things as they were happening, and i'll put them up soon, when i find my camera cable.


Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A very good place to start

Well, here we are. The beginning! To be honest I'm a little ashamed to admit that it took us this long to figure out that we should start up a blog. Come On Gang! is an Edinburgh-based band and we have been going since June 2007, and having a brilliant time of it. I am Sarah, the drummer and singer, typing this now, although Mikey and Trev, who play guitar and bass respectively, will also write for the blog. It makes sense doesn't it? What better way to collect together all our experiences, photos, images, gig reports (ours and other peoples'), flyer designs, etc into one nice little space? The art college are always telling me to reconcile my life with the band with my work as an illustrator and it think this could be a grand way to do it, and maybe even entertain you perspicacious folks out there who might read it. 

So here goes. 

We're starting to get really, REALLY excited about going to South by Southwest in a couple of weeks. Texas! Yeehah. I can't believe it's nearly upon us. We're going to get our visas tomorrow, catching the train to London town. We've been to London
 once before as a band, when we played our first awesome gig in the capital. It was like this:

it'll be good to have some time in the big smoke again, albeit over in a flash.

We have also just designed the band's flyers for south by southwest.
they look like this:

i think the quality might be slightly rubbish here but you get the jist. Me and Trev often use coral instead of red, combined with black and white. It's a subtle way of saying that our music has a soft side to it, nestled comfortably in a spiky little punk nest. and if that doesn't sound comfortable, well you'd be surprised. It works a treat.

On that note, I shall now head off to bed, in preparation for a long train journey tomorrow.

Til the next post!