Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A very good place to start

Well, here we are. The beginning! To be honest I'm a little ashamed to admit that it took us this long to figure out that we should start up a blog. Come On Gang! is an Edinburgh-based band and we have been going since June 2007, and having a brilliant time of it. I am Sarah, the drummer and singer, typing this now, although Mikey and Trev, who play guitar and bass respectively, will also write for the blog. It makes sense doesn't it? What better way to collect together all our experiences, photos, images, gig reports (ours and other peoples'), flyer designs, etc into one nice little space? The art college are always telling me to reconcile my life with the band with my work as an illustrator and it think this could be a grand way to do it, and maybe even entertain you perspicacious folks out there who might read it. 

So here goes. 

We're starting to get really, REALLY excited about going to South by Southwest in a couple of weeks. Texas! Yeehah. I can't believe it's nearly upon us. We're going to get our visas tomorrow, catching the train to London town. We've been to London
 once before as a band, when we played our first awesome gig in the capital. It was like this:

it'll be good to have some time in the big smoke again, albeit over in a flash.

We have also just designed the band's flyers for south by southwest.
they look like this:

i think the quality might be slightly rubbish here but you get the jist. Me and Trev often use coral instead of red, combined with black and white. It's a subtle way of saying that our music has a soft side to it, nestled comfortably in a spiky little punk nest. and if that doesn't sound comfortable, well you'd be surprised. It works a treat.

On that note, I shall now head off to bed, in preparation for a long train journey tomorrow.

Til the next post!


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